We have stairs!

So after a lot of effort we have managed to get the installation of the stairs nearly completed.

The graphic “neo-Georgian” structure has (at last!) created a link between the upper and lower ground floors. The simplicity of the design is complemented by the graphite colour, which doesn’t distract or limit the eye from taking in the whole space, makes a grand entrance to the lower dinning room.

This link between the floors underlines the enormous effort our team has contributed to the build. The rooms have been linked y a ladder for months but now the two areas are becoming one unique venue.

Without compromising on design or quality we are slowly etching out the 2 dimensional plans into the real world and each time we visit the site it is less work for your imagination as the rooms become sealed and complete. Already we are each choosing our favourite space and we are sure that everyone who visits will do the same - there always seems to be a it more around each corner.

Now we have stairs we can start to really push forward with the interiors and the fiddly stuff like the kitchen and bar. Our designers at Footprint Design Studio are itching to get the big stuff done so that the fun part - the interior finish - can begin.

With a lot of help from our partners and local producers we are also creating a drinks offer that has the same sustainable qualities we use to define us as a company. High quality local beers and spirits with little or no food miles with a huge focus on products from the United Kingdom and those with little or no carbon footprint. With the help of Dan from Jascots wine merchants we have selected an amazing wine list with something for everyone’s taste and their sustainable business practices make your pleasures a little less guilty.

Stay tuned as from here on there will be regular updates as the venue nears completion and click here to join our newsletter to stay up to date on opening details and to get invitations to our opening events.